Product Overview

It's the name of one of the Chitosan oligosaccharide products produced by our company. We adopted home-brew GS-Chitosan oligosaccharide enzyme to prepare all kinds of high-quality GS-Chitosan oligosaccharide products which have specific distribution range of polymerization degree and low dispersity according to customers' requirements by strict control of the conditions of enzymatic reaction and a combination of membrane separation technique. It's the only active natural product with positive charge in natural world, which is also known as oligosaccharins in agricultural industry.

Type:mixture of oligosaccharides with dfferent degrees of polymerization and low molecular weight.
This product has the advantages of low molecular weight, good water solubility,effective, easy to be absorbed by human body, high biological activity, as well as pure natural, no radiation, no pollution, no additives features.
1. Advance growth, increase weight and lower feed conversion rate
2. increase the serum igm antibody content to boost immunity
3. Enhance antioxidative capacity of blood serum and liver
4. Increase the content of volatile fatty acids
5. Stimulate the growth of lactobacillus and bifidobacterium

Technical Standard
AppearanceYellow powder
Molecular Weight≤3000Da
Ash Content≤2.0%

Packing: standard packing: 25 kg/drum. Small packing: 1 kg/bag, 5 kg/bag; Also can according to user requirements for packaging.