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The effect of chitosan on skin repair

2020/10/23 15:40:37

Chitooligosaccharides A lot of friends are asking about the therapeutic effects of chitosan, so let's look at the effects of chitooligosaccharides on the skin.

1. For frequent application of foundation, BB cream can adsorb and exude deep subcutaneous heavy metals.

2. Improve epidermal moisture retention and maintain epidermal moisture content at 25%-30%

3. Good news for girls with thin skin, it can improve skin immunity in daily care for fragile and sensitive skin

4. The outer oil is dry inside, and the sensitive skin which is easy to cause pore blockage can relieve and inhibit bacterial activity.

5. Anti-sensitivity and anti-inflammation generation after medical cosmetic surgery, such as pulsed light, radio frequency, lattice, fruit acid, etc., can quickly repair the thermal damage of the base to avoid postoperative sensitivity.

6, shell oligosaccharide on skincare products is currently the senior medicine ingredient used in the makeup, with in the light, radio frequency (rf) pulse, lattice, such as acidity medical cosmetic surgery have the effect of natural antibiotic resistance to sensitive and anti-inflammatory, the fast repair basal thermal damage, fast healing, repair skin barrier, and chitosan metabolism of skin care products including the effect of heavy metals.