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Main functions of chitooligosaccharides

2021/1/5 13:38:35

The main functions of gold chitooligosaccharides are as follows

1. Sorption: 1

There is a positive charge in the structural molecule of chitooligosaccharide. The cation with positive charge can absorb the material in the charge and discharge the oil, chloride ion, toxin and other substances out of the body. It can also repair and protect the blood lipid and blood pressure, and purify the internal environment.

2. Reduction effect:

It is free radicals that cause human aging and many diseases. Lipid peroxides produced by free radicals can damage biological membranes, which can damage cells. The positive charge free amino group in chitooligosaccharide structure molecule is combined with free radical to protect cells from damage.

3. Alkalinity:

The positive charge of chitooligosaccharide is alkaline. It can neutralize acidic substances, create a suitable living environment for cells, and enhance human immunity.