A brief talk on chitosan oligosaccharides
Chitosan, also known as chitosan oligosaccharide or oligochitosan, is a product obtained by degrading chitosan through a certain special biological enzyme technology. Because of its good water solubility, it is easier to be absorbed by human body than chitosan.
Golden chitosan said that in addition to its good water solubility, chitosan oligosaccharide has many functions, and its biological activity is also higher than that of other low molecular products, so many foods or health products now contain certain chitosan oligosaccharides. Moreover, chitosan oligosaccharide is also an animal cellulose, which can also be obtained by degrading chitosan in shrimp and crab shells.
Chitosan oligosaccharide manufacturers tell us that although chitosan oligosaccharide is made from chitosan, its function is far from that of chitosan, because chitosan oligosaccharide prepared by advanced biological enzymatic hydrolysis not only has the advantages of high biological activity and easy absorption by human body, but also has the advantages of pure nature, no pollution and radiation, and is very healthy when used in fertilizers or other products, It will not be mixed with other additives.
However, due to the relatively small preparation of chitosan, the price of chitosan oligosaccharide is also relatively high, especially the role of chitosan oligosaccharide is relatively more, which makes the price of chitosan oligosaccharide higher.
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