How to ensure the use effect of chitosan?
With the continuous development of science and technology, the use of chitosan has gradually increased significantly. Whether in the agricultural industry, the process industry, the pharmaceutical industry, etc., the demand for the use of chitosan has changed significantly. So how to ensure the use effect of chitosan when using it? Let's learn about it together?
According to the introduction of gold chitosan glucosamine hydrochloride, the amino group in the molecular structure of chitosan is more reactive than the acetylamino group in the chitin molecule, which makes chitosan have better biological functions and can carry out chemical reactions. Because of this, chitosan is considered as a functional biomaterial with greater application potential than cellulose.
However, in order to ensure the use effect of chitosan, it is necessary to ensure that the use amount of chitosan is moderate when adding chitosan, because too much or too little will affect its use effect.
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