Application of glucosamine hydrochloride
Supplementation with glucosamine hydrochloride can enhance N-glycosylation of secreted proteins and affect changes in cell lines, such as circulating cells and stem cells. Gold chitosan glucosamine hydrochloride indicates that glucosamine is an amino sugar and a precursor of the cetane biosynthesis pathway, which can lead to the formation of udp-n-acetylglucosamine (UDP-GlcNAc), which is subsequently used for the repair of mucopolysaccharides, proteoglycans and glycolipids.
Glucosamine hydrochloride is the only substance that can be used to treat bone and joint diseases. Glucosamine should be used with chondroitin sulfate to reduce pain and promote cartilage regeneration. It can fundamentally improve the joint problem. It is better to supplement vitamin D and calcium at the same time.
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