How about the application of chitosan?

Chitosan is a low molecular weight product with good water solubility, which is obtained through the degradation of biological enzyme technology. It has a wide range of applications and good market prospects. Now let's introduce the specific application of gold chitosan glucosamine hydrochloride.
Gold chitosan glucosamine hydrochloride said that chitosan has also been used in the medical field. It can protect the wound from bacterial infection, promote wound healing, and has the characteristics of non-toxic and fully absorbed by biology. Therefore, it has great advantages to use it as a drug reliever. Chitosan can also be used in the food field. In dairy products, it can be used as an activator of intestinal probiotics to improve the absorption of calcium and minerals. Chitosan can also be used in flavoring industry. It can replace sodium benzoate as natural preservative and chemical preservative.

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