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1. Chitooligosaccharide, also known as chitooligosaccharide and oligochitosan, is a kind of oligosaccharide product with polymerization degree between 2 ~ 20 and molecular weight less than 3200da. It is a low molecular weight product with good water solubility, high function and high biological activity. Gold chitosan oligosaccharide shows that it has many unique functions, such as high solubility that chitosan does not have, fully soluble in water, easy to be absorbed and utilized by organisms, and so on. Its effect is 14 times that of chitosan.

2. Chitooligosaccharide is the only cationic basic amino oligosaccharide with positive charge in nature, which is animal cellulose. Chitooligosaccharide is a small molecular oligosaccharide with amino group, which is degraded by chitosan from shrimp and crab shells. It is a sugar chain with polymerization degree of 2-20.

3. Nature:

Chitosan oligosaccharide is made from the depolymerization of chitosan. It is the upgrading product of chitin and chitosan, and has incomparable advantages. Chitooligosaccharide was prepared by advanced enzymatic hydrolysis

(1) It has the advantages of low molecular weight, good water solubility, great function, easy to be absorbed by human body and high biological activity. At the same time, it has the following advantages:

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