Chitosan oligosaccharides in the history of science are really amazing

In 1945, the United States dropped an atomic bomb on Hiroshima, Japan. All organisms died due to radiation. Only crabs in the sea were safe. Since then, people have found the powerful biological activity of chitin.
However, chitin is a natural polymer biomaterial, which is difficult to be absorbed. Gold chitosan oligosaccharide indicates that with the development of biological research, people use advanced biological enzymatic hydrolysis to obtain chitosan oligosaccharide, which can be directly dissolved in water and more than 99% can be absorbed and utilized by human body.
As the only positively charged alkaline animal fiber in nature, chitosan oligosaccharide is widely used in daily use, aquaculture, medicine, beauty, food and other fields because of its low molecular weight, good water solubility, large function, easy absorption by human body, high biological activity, pure nature and no pollution.
Many domestic scientific research institutions have also started the research on chitosan oligosaccharides and achieved a series of results.
Experiment of chitosan oligosaccharide inhibiting human liver cancer, blood cancer and other cancer cells in vitro we observed the inhibitory effect of chitosan oligosaccharide on human liver cancer cells, endometrial cancer, erythroleukemia, lymphoma, mouse liver cancer ascites cells and normal cells. Cisplatin was used as the positive control drug in the experiment. The results showed that chitosan oligosaccharide had a clear inhibitory effect on the growth of the above five tumor cells, The tumor inhibition rate was 79% (the tumor inhibition rate of cisplatin positive control was 75%, 10%) μ G / ml), of which the inhibitory effect on the growth of human hepatoma cells is the best. China is a country with high incidence of liver cancer. The research on the effect of chitosan oligosaccharide on the growth and metastasis of liver cancer will provide a theoretical basis and a source of new drugs for clinical treatment. At present, it is generally believed that these substances play an anti-tumor role by activating the animal immune system, and our experiments found that chitosan oligosaccharide can directly inhibit the proliferation of tumor cells.

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